UT vs UAB Football Parade and Halftime Show
University of Tennessee Volunteers vs. University of Alabama Birmingham Blazers
September 25, 2010
Members of the UT Pride of the Southland Band prepare for the march to the stadium.
UT's Native American Student Association (with president Kim Smith) gets lined up for the parade to the stadium.
mark and sherry walk
Sherry and Mark are ready to follow the police escort and color guard onto Volunteer Blvd.

Vicki Collins and other dancers gather outside the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Building prior to the parade.
Teen Miss Cherokee Kele Crisp is all excited inside the Hank Luaricella Lettermen's Room prior to going onto the field.
gettin ready
Okay Mamma-the finishing touches including my crown!
Nikki Crisp poses before putting on the rest of her regalia prior to the halftime show.


Keredith Owens is all smiles awaiting the time to go onto the field with the band.

            Okay, there are how many people in this stadium that                    are going to watch us dance?
Smile for the camera!
Go Kele Go!
The Pride of the Southland enjoy a different kind of drum!