Native American Weekend
Let's have a Powwow!

Mark and Sherry put their heads together for another attempt at the potato dance championship.  Unfortunately, they were not able to repeat last year's success!

John John Grant and Nikki Crisp try really hard to become the 2006 potato dance champions, but to no avail.  In the background, thinking this is the funniest sight he's seen in a long time, is Nikki's son Jonathan.
Shea Keck enters the circle as the Grand Entry begins the powwow dance program on Saturday night.  Along with Sherry, the two of them demonstrated the women's traditional dance style.
One of the powwow program's highlights was John John Grant's very entertaining hoop dance.  The audience cheered as John John's hoops became an alligator, Mickey Mouse, an eagle, and many more designs.

Danny Bigay played flute music in the background as his wife Kay Littlejohn told a story.
  Jonathan Crisp gets ready to perform the grass dance as John John Grant plays the drum and sings.

Kele Crisp performed the shawl dance to the delight of the crowd.
Travis Lovett wowed the audience with a terrific fancy dance demonstration.
  Emerson Begay was a crowd pleaser as he performed the men's traditional dance.

Sherry and Shea posed for a "sisters" photo after the dancing had ended Saturday night.  Sherry dressed in period clothing from the 18th century, while Shea was all decked out in her new ribbon dress.
Nikki Crisp performed the jingle dress dance for an appreciative audience, one of the biggest ever for a Native American Weekend.
Travis was a bit tired after his encore performance!
Few things in this life are as much fun as a good, ol' Two Step!
Now here are some folks who really like to have a good time!