Native American Weekend
Lake Cumberland State Resort Park
Jamestown, KY
January 26-27, 2007
Photo credits:  Valerie and Jason Schul and Themie Shepherd
Robert Redhawk Eldridge entertained the crowd on Friday night with stories, both traditional and personal.  
lake cumberland
Lake Cumberland is a beautiful location for any kind of event.  In all the years we have been involved with the Native American Weekend, it has never been canceled due to inclement weather.

This time, late Saturday and into Sunday morning, a light dusting of snow covered the park.  The snow was beautiful, but not dangerous!
clothing Sherry discussed Cherokee Clothing then and now. mocs 

Debbie Woodiel presented, "Harvesting the Past: Prehistoric Foods of the Native Americans."  Debbie is the director of education for the Frank H. McClung Museum at the University of Tennessee.
Jonathan Feather's presentation of "Pow wow 101" was well received.  Here he has members of the audience learning to drum and sing.
Mark presented, "The Invasion of Virginia," as this year marks the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in North America.
Mark Barfoot entertained us with his flute music.
buffalo dinner
The Saturday night buffalo buffet dinner is always a hit!
berdie crowe
  The weekend activities were dedicated to the memory of Berdie Crowe from Cherokee, NC.  She passed away just a day before the event began.  Berdie was a treasured  elder to many of us participating in the  event.   
Sherry was one of many to speak on Saturday evening about Berdie Crowe and how much she meant to all of us.
door prizes
  Robert and Cynthia kept the crowd excited with their regular drawings for door prizes.
  Everyone loved Beaver Grant's demonstration of the hoop dance.  It is colorful, fast, and furious.

two step
One of the favorite dancers, for the participants and the audience, is the two-step.  It is always fun.
                                                                                                                            Here in a swirl of color is Beaver Grant performing the Men's Fancy Dance.

Kele Crisp shows her Fancy Shawl moves and wows the crowd!
johnathan grass dance
Jonathan Crisp can move those feet in the Grass Dance.

womens traditional
Nikki shows her fancy beadwork in the Women's Traditional Dance
eagle dance
Beaver Grant shows the flight of the Eagle.

Jonathan Feather can really drum up some music!
mark and sherry
Mark and Sherry look over the audience to determine if anyone is having fun.  And the answer is....YES!!!

Wow!  Look at the crowd!