"Lewis and Clark: Coming Home"
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

Photo Credits: Albert Earl, John Graves, and Amy Wilson

Huddling in a blanket and a frock coat became the order of the day as the cold winds whipped through.  In spite of the weather, hundreds of visitors attended the event.
Mark and Sherry set up camp to share Cherokee lifestyles with the visitors to the park.  A warm fire was especially nice as the temperature dropped into the low 40s during the day.  A cold wind swept through as well.

Niki Crisp did her usual outstanding performance of the jingle dress dance.

Niki also performed the women's traditional dance,      much to the delight of the audience.

Earnest "Beaver" Grant showed why he is a champion fancy dancer!
  Beaver wowed the audience with his outstanding demonstration of the hoop dance.

shawl                     Kele Crisp was impressive in her demonstration of the fancy shawl dance.
 Fred Bradley was on hand to tell stories.  He also shared his "I have spoken" monologue.
  In addition to the pow wow dances, some traditional Cherokee dances were performed as well.  Here Mark and Niki can be seen joining in on the Bear Dance.
Here Sherry has joined the Bear Dance.  Some members of the Shawnee tribe got involved as well.
Kele Crisp demonstrates why the fancy shawl dance is sometimes called the "butterfly dance."
Dawson Cook showed that you are never too young to be a good traditional dancer!
Kele Crisp posed with her uncle Jonathan Feather before the dance presentation began.  Jonathon leads the Lone Wolf Singers and Dancers.
Now here are some folks who really like to have a good time!