Cumberland Gap Tunnel Opening1996
The Cumberland Gap Tunnel, where the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia merge, was a major engineering accomplishment.  The tunnel, about 8 tenths of a mile long, was opened with speeches by the three governors and a "Pageant of History" parade.  Mark and Sherry, representing the first people to use Cumberland Gap, were asked to lead the procession out of the tunnel.  To show that Native people don't belong only in the past, the parade included some younger Native people in modern dress and some in powwow regalia at the end of the procession.

Photos by: Ray Welch
Mark, wearing his buckskin outfit from the wedding,  and wrapped in a replica of his wedding blanket, was the first to exit the tunnel.
Sherry, wearing her white buckskin wedding dress, and wrapped in a replica of her blanket from the wedding ceremony, makes her way out of the tunnel.