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Tipi Race

Set up cones to form a circle with 2 central cones (one for each team).  See image below: tipirace

Players line up behind cones divided by teams as illustrated.  The object of the game is to complete the circle around the central cone, return to the start position, and the next team member begins the circle.  The winning team members complete their circle around the cone before the other team has finished. 

limas       Basket Game      baket

There are six beans, one side being burned black and the other remaining white.  An additional 12 beans are set aside as counters.  The beans are shaken in a shallow basket and if all beans turn up black, 2 points are taken from the counters, if all turn up white, 3 points are taken. If all but one bean of a color comes up it counts as 1.  After the center pile is exhausted, beans are taken from the other player.   The object is to take the other players beans.

      leather                Leather Laces Relay        row

Cut a strip of leather lacing to form a circle, 2 yards in length.  You will need one leather circle for each team. (For large groups you can use more laces, providing one for each team.)  Tie an overhand knot at the end of each leather circle.  Divide players into 2 teams (or more) of an equal number.  Assign a team captain to begin the relay.  Players on each team lie up facing in the same direction as illustrated above with the captains of each team facing each other. 

When the signal is given, the captain takes the leather lace circle and puts it over his head down his torso and steps out of it.  Players do this as quickly as they can and pass to the next player standing behind him.  When the last person in line has completed the task, he then steps into the lace circle bringing it up the torso and over the head, then passes it to the next team member in front until his team captain has completed the task.  The first team to finish the task is declared the winner.  It is helpful to have a coach for each team to assist players especially for younger children.