Celebrating The Future

The 2017 Spirit of Nations Powwow Celebrates the Future! 


"Celebrate the Future"
In this day and age, so many people walk around lost - trying to find out who they really are and where they came from.  Learning your heritage will help connect people with their true identity.

My wife and I teach our kids about living in two worlds.  The 1st is the modern world. This is what you see today, kids watching TV's, playing on video games,IPads, cell phones etc. You may even see some on lazy boards with wheels.  None of that is important.  Giving them the tools to succeed in this world is.

The second world is so much more important to us.  In this world we teach them who they are and where they come from.  We teach them the history, culture and traditions of our ancestors.  My kids are mixed with Shawnee and Cherokee Blood so you know they will be powerful and brave.  They know that they are Native kids first and foremost.


It is very important for all children to learn and know their heritage, especially indigenous children.